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Friday, 29 June 2012

US Attack Helicopters History - "Sensational True Story" - AH 64 Apache "Longbow" First Flight AH 6 NOTAR First Flight Birth Place * North County San Diego - Gerald Carroll Trust - McClellan-Palomar Airport Hughes Test Center Files - Calfornia National Security Case

NOTAR is the name of a helicopter anti-torque system which replaces the use of a tail rotor. Developed by Hughes Helicopters at the Hughes Palomar Airport test center North County San Diego California.

The name NOTAR is an acronym derived from the phrase no tail rotor. The system uses a fan inside the tailboom to build a high volume of low-pressure air, which exits through two slots and creates a boundary layer flow of air along the tailboom utilizing the Coandă effect. The boundary layer changes the direction of airflow around the tailboom, creating thrust opposite the motion imparted to the fuselage by the torque effect of the main rotor. Directional yaw control is gained through a vented, rotating drum at the end of the tailboom, called the direct jet thruster. Advocates of NOTAR believe the system offers quieter and safer operation.

The first flight of the first Apache prototype, YAH-64 AV02, at the Hughes Palomar Airport test center North County San Diego California in 1975.

Curiously the first Apache flight did not actually take place at Culver City, for reasons unknown. The first prototype was trucked to Palomar Airport for its first flight.

James A Vittitoe Hughes Helicopters first production test pilot.

The Howard Hughes Estate Interests including the Summa Corporation Hughes Helicopters Hughes Aircraft Corporation together with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Maryland USA "in association" with the Gerald Carroll Trust Global Corporations Interests specifically Carroll Aircraft Corporation Carroll Anglo-American Corporation and Maine Investments Gibraltar are the "named" victims in the forensic compelling criminal evidence dossiers submitted to the law enforcement authorities charged with this massive ongoing money laundering organised crime tax evasion fraud case.

Crew chief Dick Lofland left with pilot Bob Ferry before the record-setting flight.

In April 1966 the U.S. Army OH-6A which would later win accolades for its performance as a scout helicopter in Vietnam set 23 world records for distance speed and altitude; more than four decades later many are unsurpassed. Perhaps the most incredible of these unbroken records is the longest nonstop unrefueled flight by any helicopter. Bob Ferry a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and Hughes test pilot took off from the helipad at the Hughes Tool Company in Culver City California and landed at Ormond Beach Florida 15 hours and eight minutes—and 2,213.1 miles—later. Ferry had been expected to land in Miami where the national media were waiting. Due to weather conditions he ended up on a deserted beach hundreds of miles north.

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